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    Pope Francis and climate change
    Press release June 21, 2018: Catholic Church and enviromental protection

    "It seems that Pope Francis has learned little since his 2015 papal encyclical calling on the world to fight climate change by limiting the use of modern technologies and fossil fuels" (H. Sterling Burnett, The Pope’s Misguided War On Fossil Fuels, wattsupwiththat.com, June 19, 2018).
    Truth is: The world has learned next to nothing since the so-called "Second Vatican Council" (Vatican 2 / V2).
    Admittedly, Jorge Bergoglio, the so-called "Pope Francis", utters a lot of false claims. His "Encyclical Letter Laudato Si on Care for our Common Home" (May 24, 2015), also known as the "recyclical", is only one example among many. Admittedly, with his climate claims Francis is "putting the lives of the world’s most impoverished people at risk" (Burnett, s. above). But that is only a small part of his activities.
    First and foremost, Francis is fighting against the Catholic faith. While questions of science and of faith can be connected with each other (e.g. "Adam and monogenism"), the topic "fossil fuels and climate change" does not have this strong connection. Yes, it is a moral obligation to avoid unnecessary risks, and therefore it is important to look into issues like enviromental protection, vaccination, fossil fuels etc.
    But still: Religion and especially Christianity in its root and in its main point and in its end is about salvation or condemnation, is about eternal happiness or eternal misery, is about heaven or hell. So whoever sees the church just as a kind of "service club", completely misses the point.
    Apropos "service club": The oldest "service club" is Rotary International, founded in 1905 by attorney Paul P. Harris and the freemason Gustave Loehr. Already on August 28, 1928, the Bishop of Palencia declared that "good Catholics cannot be part of the so-called Rotary Clubs" and that "Rotarianism purports to be a moral and moralizing institution, that sets out to influence the lives of individuals, families, and peoples, while absolutely discarding, as an association, all religious ideas and all kinds of relations with God and Jesus Christ Our Redeemer." And on September 7 of the same year, the Bishop of Orense declared that the Rotary Clubs "are nothing short of new satanic organisms, equal to Freemasonry in spirit and origin, however they may try to disguise themselves and to appear with the mark of pure humanitarianism and even Christian charity and universal, generous, full, and legitimate brotherhood." On Dec. 20, 1950, the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office published a decree: "Members of the clergy may not belong to a Rotary club association or take part in its meetings; laymen are to be urged to observe the provisions of Canon 684 of Canon Law." On the 26th of the same month and year, Pope Pius XII approved the resolution and ordered it published, after hearing it in an audience granted to His Excellency the Assessor of the Holy Office.
    And as we all (should) know, Bergoglio and a huge amount of V2-"bishops" and V2-"priests are Rotarians.
    On Jan. 14 ,2018, RI-President Barry Rassin held a speech: "Pollution, environmental degradation, and climate change are having more and more of an impact in every one of our six areas of focus.  [...] I live in a country where 80 percent of the land is within one meter of sea level. According to the projections we have now, we’ll see a two-meter rise in sea levels by the year 2100. That means my country is going to be gone in fifty years, along with most of  the islands in the Caribbean and coastal cities and low-lying areas all over the  world. I ask all of you to Be the Inspiration to help Rotary move from reaction, to action — to take a hard look at the environmental issues that affect health and welfare around the world, and do what we can to help."
    As we all (should) know, nearly all "projections" of the climate activists have been proven wrong. And as we all (should) know, these projections are normally based on absurd ideology and false data. Just look for "climate hoax". And if you refuse to do any research, just look out of your window: Did anything change? E.g.: According to the "projections" of the climate activists decades ago, there will never be any snow in Germany. And what happened in the decades after those "projections"? We had snow every year, and even one of the hardest winter ever. So, why not just get real?
    Admittedly, you could find other similarities in the agenda of Francis and Rotary, e.g. concerning vaccination. However, you can also do some research on vaccination and other topics.
    At the end of the day, you should see the whole picture. Do not get lost in questions like "Pope Francis and carbonisation", "Pope Francis and child abuse", "Pope Francis and homosexuals", "Pope Francis and whatever". Just ask the right thing: Can the V2-group be the Catholic Church, or is "sedevacantism" the only possible and the only correct position?
    And when you have become a sedevacantist, feel free to expose all absurdities and - above all - the heresies of the V2-group. Do as you see fit, without any false respect for a fake church, a counter church. But always stay focused: State in the first place that these blatant heresies are the foul fruits of Vatican 2.